Friday, October 15, 2010

Four Weeks!!!

Well, safari so good.  Axel is coming along well.  I wasn't sure at the outset if we were going to be able to accomodate four weeks of stillness. 

We didn't exactly accomodate four weeks of stillnes; however.  The first week and a half week were pretty low-key by Lodge standards.  No walks, no nuthin'.

By the second week he was stir crazy and making everybody else nuts too.  So we took little walks in the morning before I went to work.  By litle walks I mean we walked down to the end of the street and back.  By the third week we went a little farther.  Last week we walked up and around thru the neighborhood and back home.  When I got home from work yesterday, we did that plus an little longer route.

I have to say, he's stopped chewing on his ankles, which is nice but I'm not sure if the hair is going to grow back this time.  I will keep you posted on that.

I've also decided that I'm tired of the crates in my livingroom and I...gasp, have been leaving everybody uncrated while I am at work.  This took an enormous leap of faith that they would not destroy my house and eliminate and chew on everything in sight.

They didn't.

I may take those down tomorrow.

Thanks for thinking rescue!

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Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

Very Brave Shelly....but you did come home to a house!