Sunday, September 19, 2010


Axel went in on Tuesday morning for his heartworm treatment.  I, of course, was a sobbing wreck.  First he comes to us, on my birthday, with the cone of shame and heels that look a mess.  He was sooo skinny with a pathetic looking coat that came off in clumps and his nails were sooo long.
We brought him home, took off the cone and gave him a bath.  There, that should help a bit.  The we put a little "Neo" and wrapped his ankles with Tefla Pads and Ace Bandages.  He looked a rogue dancer from some Russian Dance Troupe.  A friend of mine asked why he had leg warmers on.

Shortly after he healed up, we took him camping.  I'm pretty sure he had a good time, running and playing with Te'a and all the kiddies!

After we were back, he was scheduled for a little spa day at the snip clinic.  They trimmed his nails, chipped him so we can find him again, put an end to his reproductive process and did a little blood draw.  Turns out he was/is heartworm positive. 

So... last Thursday I brought him home after a two night stay at a lovely B&B in Port Washington.  Here he was free to romp and cavort in fields of flowers and just have a grand time.   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Here he got four individual shots in the muscles in front of his hips and was confined to quarters.

He's been home for four days.  I'd like to tell you that the medicine is profoundly affecting his behavior.  I'd like to tell you that he's sullen and mopey but I can't.  He's trying to run and play and snarl and carry on with Te'a and Mocha.  We've had to physically restrain him to keep his heart rate down.

He's healing quite well and hopefully we can keep him down for another oh, twenty-five days.  He has been taking regular naps so that makes the day go smoother.  It's just getting him to lay down to take one.  He's like a four year old kid who is on the cusp of not needing naps anymore.  You know he needs a nap but he's so much fun to be around. 

We're getting to know more and more about his personality.  I was watching March of the Penguins today on some TV Channel, not a big Packer fan, but I heard they won (and Brett lost) and Axe was laying on my lap.  He was interested in the TV some but jumped off the chair and stood in front of the TV when the Pink Panther cartoon came on.  So, there you go, he's got a little funny bone too.

I'm hoping to give you more updates as I've got more free time these days.  I've recently switched jobs and will be hopefully will have more time to write blogs and take pictures.

On that note reader, thanks for catching up with Axel.  He's such a sweet boy and he'll make an excellent addition to any family looking for a furever dog.  He's the right size, about 40-ish pounds, housetrained, loves dogs, kids, people and loves to chase cats (oh, maybe I shouldn't have told you that).  He's doing better on the leash when we walk but that's kind of on hold for a while.

Please consider him if you are looking for a mellower guy.  He's got a great energy level but settles in nicely after a walk or a run at the dog park.

Thanks for reading!

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