Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mini Axel Update

Axel is settling in to The Lodge.  He went all day yesterday with the kids without any accidents or even on-purposes in the house.  He has had NO #2 accidents at all.  He does however have to #2 on the tall weeds.  Strange to be sure.

We've changed his bandages and his hocks are looking better.  Antibiotics are wonderful things.  We've noticed that he doesn't like stairs.  We thought it was because of the cone but it was off before our walk this morning and he still wouldn't venture up them.  I'm guessing that he wasn't allowed upstairs.  We'll have to work on that. 

Down, however, works.  Slowly but it works. Scott has carried him up but last night, Axel came down on with me

He still enjoys chasing the cats, but then who hasn't?

We're not sure of how he'll do at night with the housetraining thing so we kennel him.  I bribe him in with a little chow and in he goes.  He made a couple of woofs last night but then laid down and crashed.

Yes, you may have noticed earlier that I mentioned walks.  I've taken him on two walks in the morning.  It hasn't been our usual two miler but rather less than a mile, today was a little further and he does ok.  I just don't want to wear him out with his sore heels.  He comes home and crashes and sleeps then.  That's ok, sleep is good.

He doesn't do too bad on the leash.  There are others here at The Lodge that pull equally hard and they've lived here most of their lives... her initials are Te'a.  Axel must have been somebody's pet because he knows what "come" , "sit" and "lay down" mean.  I'm just trying to figure out his story.

Things like where he was kept...how much he really got to eat and really? how old is he exactly? 

His coat, since I bathed him, is much shinier and nice.  His chin is a little grey but all black dogs grey early.  His nails, in the back, are insanely long.  Once we start walking more, those will take care of themselves.  He's pretty thin but again, we can fix that.  Plus, he's very mellow.

He's such a sweet boy and I don't think that he was mistreated.  Neglect? Probably a little bit.  I think his nose probably led him to being a stray.

That's all I have for today.  I'll try and get some more pictures as he settles in.  Maybe a couple outside!

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FluffyDogFostering said...

Maybe he was living on the streets for a while. This would explain his weight loss and such.. I have found that a lot of dogs that have been lost for a while tend to look pretty bad and a lot of people think this means the dog was mistreated or neglected. Some people cannot even tell their own dogs from shelter pics. Some shelters haven't called ownwers simply cuz the found dog looks nothing like the dog on the flyer