Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Medical News...

Poor Axel.  He had a little spa day today at the "snip clinic".  He got his nails trimmed, he got id chipped and he got his...er... manliness... ah... unmanly.  He also found out some rather sad news.  He is heartworm positive. 

Now, before you go and get all sad... this is not terminal.  He will be treated to kill the little buggies and in a month or so be all better and be able to run and play and carry on with the big doggies.  However, it does mean a month of no running, no jumping, no carrying on at home or at the dog park. 

So to all the "regulars" at the Nashotah Park Dog Exercise Area, and you know who you are, send me an e if you want to meet Axel.  You can come over to The Lodge but you have to come alone.

I took a couple of pictures for you.

Except, he looks sooooo mournfully sad and miserable that I wound up deleting them.  Perhaps tomorrow if he's feeling better I can get some more for you or maybe this weekend.

Thanks for reading! 

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