Friday, May 14, 2010

It's True - Jasper is Available - Come Meet Him

Hello Fluffy Fans. Yes, it's true. Jasper is available.

We're working diligently on housetraining. But he is rather a stubborn little guy so we need to watch his signs a little better.

After dropping Kiera off at school, we hit the the dog park. Three days of rain have made us all a little stir crazy. At first I left Jasper on the leash attached to my hand. Wasn't sure where he was going to go so I kept him in check for a lap.

After the initial lap, I let the leash drop and we did about a half a lap and I took the leash off. What is it about that leash? Is is that heavy that it slows them down that much? Cuz after I took the leash off he careened around the area like a puppy possessed. He did figure eights around me and the other "moms" I was talking to.

He made a friend of a cute 10 month old boxer girl. Pretty girl. They had a good time running and rolling and carrying on.

When it was time to go, he came over to me and I hooked him on the leash and out we went. All three dogs were toast by the time we got home.

He's had the day to recover as I had some shopping to do and left them home in the crates. I gave him a little tubby as we are going to a Fluffy Dog Event tonight at LA Groom in Hartland, WI. All of the puppies that are available for adoption will be there so come on over! The address is 303 Cottonwood Avenue, Hartland, WI.

Hope you can be there - We'll be about 630p!

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