Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fluffy Cuddly Dog Rescue

Puppito Jasper is settling in pretty well at Grade Lodge. He's learned where his food bowl is and sits like a gentleman to take his breakfast. He loves the toy basket and has his favorite "baby" that he has yet to destroy.

We tried to put him in a corral in Connor's room but he cried all night long. So we told Connor to close his bedroom door and let him out of the corral. This puppy is so cuddly that he just curled right in to Connor's back and slept the night away. This morning he heard Scott knocking around downstairs and he got up and started whining at Connor's door. I got up to let him out and he ran down by Scott and sat down. After the leash was clipped on, they went outside to potty.

He's enjoying the kitties and has only really gotten to know Hawkie. Zoe is a bit of a challenge and she' his little puppy butt if he messes with her.

He also does fairly well getting up on the couches. If you go over to him while he is on the couch, he'll lay back in submission. We get the feeling there may have been a little mistreatment in his short puppy past. But he's come a ways already in the short three and a half days he's been here.

We've even done the carpool run and except for a little hesitation getting into the car, he did great. He crawled up on the lap of the boy with the broken arm and just cuddled there. Awww.

He likes to retrieve as well. Connor was throwing Jasper's baby for him last night and he kept bringing it back. Though, after a while, he got kind of tuckered out and just looked at Connor like, "Sorry dude. You go get it now."

Thanks for reading. I'm sure Jasper will be going home soon. Wow! That was fast. Then we'll have Kirsten aka Kiki here at The Lodge.

Have a great day!


Cricket said...

Well, since Jasper (love the name) is still available now, Connor will get more "cuddle" time with him. :) Enjoy!!

Daniel said...
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Lynn said...

aww how well behavied!!!!