Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Star for Scooby?? Already??

Ok, so by now you've all seen the little star behind Scooby's name on his bio. For those of you new to our show, this means he has an application. I know, I know. Not even a week and some lucky family wants to adopt him.

What a lucky doggie!!

I don't have much more to say other than - Wow!!

I do have a little picture for you from Bella's mom. Here is a picture of Bella with her sister.

Home is where you have a pillow with your name on it.
Congrats to Scooby and all of the other Fluffy dogs who have stars or who went home recently.
Who will be the next resident at Grade Lodge??


Nancy said...

So happy for Scooby! My husband and I transported him up to Julie. We thought he was a wonderful boy too.

Thanks for fostering him!

Grade Lodge said...

Thank you for your help in the process! Without wonderful volunteers who love to travel, we would have no way to get the doggies up here. Scooby is a wonderful boy!