Friday, April 23, 2010

Scooby has been here nearly a week and he's such a great dog - still. I was half expecting there to be some sort of a honeymoon phase while he was on his best behavior and then turn it around into beast behavior.

He is housetrained and seems to have an awesome bladder capacity. He is great with the children and our dogs.

I took him to the dog park one morning by myself on a looooong leash so I could control him a little more. He did ok. He's such a puppy that he wanted to play with everybody and everybody was ok with playing with him. As I've mentioned before, he's not been fixed yet and that's part of the reason I kept him on the leash. Control.
Scott and I took him to the dog park the other night. Scott has the ability to whistle an earsplitting "hey-dog-get-over-here" whistle that Scooby really responded to well.

We've also try to walk everyday as he is young and needs exercise. Today when we walked, there was actually slack in the leashes. Granted it was only for like twenty steps but hey, slack is slack.

He's been crated during the day while we are at work or school but at night he's free to roam the house. He's not had one accident. There was one episode of some Hound of Baskerville Howling at 11:00pm - I think there was a mouse outside, but other than that he's been really great.

He's super sweet and cuddly and would make the perfect first time dog for any family. After a walk he settles down well. He's also so so smart. He figured out to ring the bell on the back of our front door to go outside the first night. That's a terrier for you.

I introduced him to the "boys" across the street today. They are Max, a German Shorthaired Pointer and Casey, an Airedale Terrier. You can definitely tell Scooby is Airedale but what is he mixed with?? Golden Retriever? Elkhound? Just two of the options I've heard. Scooby and Max played like they'd played together since they were tiny boys and this was after our three mile walk. Crazy dogs.
That's all the news I have. For all of you longtime readers, I get frequent updates and pictures from Bella (now Ella) and her mom. I got a really cute one today of Bella and her sister Bella and will send it along soon!
Thanks for reading!

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