Friday, April 30, 2010

This one's for Kris....

Because she always enjoys a good laugh!

So today is Friday and I'm pretty much guaranteed off every Friday as there is only one doctor at the Optometrist Office I work at. The full time "gal" can handle all the patients and demands and I am off to do whatever it is I do.

The plan was to take Kiera to school and then the pack to the dog park over on Hwy. C. Scooby Doo had his leash and clothesline apparatus on so I could keep control over him, oh, and get him back. Should he happen to slip away.

Off to school we went with no mishaps. Hurray. After Kiera got out I decided to let a little fresh air in as three big puffing doggies have really nasty breath and it gets a bit stifling in the car.

As soon as I opened the window, Te'a and Scooby called SHOTGUN and made a dash for the front seat. Both arrived simultaneously and since Te'a is kind of a little Labrador, there was room for both of them.

In no time at all, Scooby had his head out of the window and he was standing on the sill. He's a young boy, he needs to learn manners. I'm attempting at this point to pull him down and pull away and off to the dog park.

Pretty soon, wouldn't you know, he's got his front feet out of the window and the window is only open about six inches. Still pulling away from the curb and yanking on the dog, he makes a valiant effort and PLOP, he's out on the pavement.


I'm trying to hold the leash with my right hand and disengage the engine with my left. I managed to put it in reverse and then get my seatbelt off. Thankfully, I looked at the dash before I got out of the car to realize that it was in reverse. I cranked it over to the P position.

Now let me mention here for those of you who don't know, we live in a small town outside of Milwaukee. Do you think one of those parents would leave the safety and comfort of their SUV's and minivans to give me a hand with my doggie, now standing on the pavement with a dorky look on his face. Nope, not a one. I'll be making a rather annoyed Facebook post on that shortly. There were actually a couple of parents who gave me dirty looks because I was blocking the street. Whatever.

Suffice it to say, that we made it back in the car, sans help and we were on our way to the park.

Once there, I had to leash up Mocha and Te'a and untie Scooby's leash contraption from the all of the seats in the car as he wound himself up in there.

I had Mocha and Te'a on my left hand and Scooby was wrapped up in Te'a's leash on the right. So I dropped his mile long rope, figuring I could easily step on it as it whizzed by. Um...No.

Off he went, with his mile of clothesline flying behind him. Tail up! Happy as could be. Mocha and Te'a were anxious to get in and sniff the sniffs so I put them in, took off the leashes and went to retrieve my Hound of Baskerville.

Now, I was kind of hoping for a nice easy morning at the dog park so I just wore a simple pair of Croc Flip Flops. Had no idea that I could and would be actually running in them. Suprisingly, I did.

There was a guy on the inside who saw my dog flying around the outside of the park, trying to figure out how to get in, and was walking towards the fence to at least stop him and hold him while I caught up.

At some point, it occurred to Scooby that I was following him and calling his name and he thought it would nice to come over and give me a little Scooby lovin'. When he did, I gave him a little Mama lovin' and praised him for coming back to me and we walked into the park, nice as you please.

After that adventure, everything was smooth sailing inside and I am home now, laundry going round and round and three very tired doggies laying on the cool dining room floor.


PS - For those of you longtime readers, I have some great pics of one of our previous fosters, Zootee the Standard Poodle, from his mom. She's got him doing agility training and boy does he look gorgeous! I will post those tomorrow!


Judy said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

And me, nowhere near with a video camera ~ AGAIN! I'm building a 'doggie blind' in your yard so I know when you go out!

Pretty crappy that nobody helped you. Mark and te girls would have if tey adn't ridden bikes to school.

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

Shelly you are too much....this could and would only happen to you!