Monday, February 1, 2010


On Monday mornings, we take a nice long walk. I'd like to let everybody run but then I'd probably have to spend all morning trying to get Bella home. I thought about tying a long line to her leash and turning her loose that way. Maybe some morning when I don't have to be at the office at 8:00am.

This morning was no different. We wandered down the drive, and down our street. As we turned onto the next street, Bella was prancing and dancing and her tail wagging and waving like nobody's business. This dog loves to walk.

We kept walking to complete our route and some movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. At first it looked like a flock of geese, or something landing in the field. It wasn't.

It was two deer. I'm fairly certain they were huge. In all truthfulness, they probably weren't. But at five in the morning, with three dogs pulling on leashes to chase them, they were huge. Mocha knew what they were and she wanted to chase them in the worst possible way. Te'a caught wind of Mocha's heartbeat and thought it would be fun to go along for the ride. Bella thought they were two really big dogs and wanted to greet them and play for a while.

It took quite a while to convice them that we needed to walk and not chase deer. But after they realized I was going to be Mean Mommy and not let them chase, they followed me on the walk.

The rest of our walk in the ten degree temps was uneventful. And despite the fact that Bella has limited hair on her chest and shoulders, she loves the cold. She loves to walk and play in the cold. Everyday she gets a little crazier and crazier and her personality is eeking thru.

Scott took her out this morning before I got up. He said that she ran to her spot, did her business and came back in. Connor has been taking her outside too on a loooong leash and she's been doing what she's supposed to for him too. Kiera, yeah, not yet. I probably could let her take the dog out but...I don't know.

So that's the latest news, dear readers. Thanks for stopping by to read. Lori sent me a quick email to say that if you wanted to purchase the Furminator, you could purchase one thru the Fluffy Dog Wellness website and help your doggie AND Fluffy Dogs at the same time. Sounds like a plan to me!

Til next time!


Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

You are an inspiration 5:00 AM Really.....

Judy said...

DRAT! I purchased a furminator thingy last night on amazon! My fluffy is pretty fluffy and I coulln't wait! SO sorry....