Friday, January 1, 2010

( This is My Mocha! Julie got a new cam for Christmas and she was foolin' around with it. Gorgeous!)

Happy New Year!! I've got four dogs in the house today. We are puppysitting for a friend's dog while they travel to MO for a funeral. I've got no pictures of our two most recent trips to the dog park (today and yesterday) but I do have some from Sunday and Tuesday.

Bella continues to grow at the dog park. She is running around more and more and more and leaving my heel, but always returns to see where I am. She is getting more and more brave about kissing my fingertips if I hold out my hand and we chase less when it is time to go.

Today we met Julie and Cricket at the park and made a whole bunch of new friends. Also, since we have Mia here, Bella is becoming braver and braver in the house. The next few days will be interesting as we have Mia til Sunday and then Emma comes for 10 days or so. Furever family, I just know you are out there reading this blog and wondering.... She is such a sweet girl and she is just wonderful. It won't be long til she's a "real dog" in the house and not just a potted plant or a hollow log. Nope, won't be long at all. double clik pix to enjoy more!

Enjoy the pics! Happy New Year!!!

This is how we roll when we first arrive at the dog park. I love this part!!

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Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

Mocha looks so cool in this photo...Great job Julie.....Bella is so beautiful and looks so happy at the Park of the Dogs...Maybe your taking care of the Mia and Emma will help her to know she has an important place in your pack and will continue to bring her out of her shell in the house....Keeping our fingers crossed...