Monday, January 4, 2010

There's a Pony in My Kitchen

Remember last year, when we babysat Emma, my cousins Drew & Stephanie's Doberman? Click here to go back and look at the pictures. Here are some pix of her now. It's like having a pony gallop through my kitchen.

So yesterday, Drew came to drop Emma off, we had quite the dog-a-pa-looza. We had Judy's dog, pictures on that are forthcoming as well, and our three and Emma. Just look who jumped up to join in the mayhem.

Love this one!!

Mia's tail!!

This is how much taller Emma is than Mo.

This is how much taller she is than Te'a. My kitchen table is average height.

She'd really like to come over and play. Maybe later in the week.

Secret spy dog attacks with lazer vision.

So, furever you have another dog who needs a buddy? Emma is about a year old and loves to play and romp and Bella just loves her. No, Drew, I'm not giving your dog away, just letting everybody know that Bella is enjoying the company of Pony-girl here at the Lodge. She's even been venturing up the stairs to follow after Em. Emma seems to be either missing Drew and Steph OR is terribly concerned that Bella won't follow her up the stairs. Time to throw the crew outside one last time. Thanks for reading!


Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

She was playing......not so potted!
It was great to see Bella in the fray...Emma might just be the ticket!
We are so glad that is your house and not mine! We are getting Jiminy on Thursday so things here should get pretty exciting too! An 8month old puppy....what was I thinking!

Judy said...

Mia's tail looks like an 'alien feather duster' or some sort of exotic plant! She misses the other puppies as well (did I tell you she slept most of monday?)and thanks again for taking care of our baby while we were gone. Emma cracks me up! She IS huge!