Sunday, December 13, 2009

Running at the Dog Park

Finally it warmed up out there so we could go and and enjoy all the fresh snow. For those of you who are wondering, Bella LOVES the cold. Bella LOVES the snow. Yesterday at the dog park was the best I've seen her so far. When we arrived, she actually had the famed "Beardie Bounce" as she RAN around in the snow. I can't even imagine how her abs must be feeling today.

And for those of you who are wondering, before we left, Scott walked her around the front yard to take care of some #2 business so we wouldn't have that to contend with in the car.

Bella makes new friends and sees old ones every time we go to the park. Here she is with... (as always double click to enjoy most pix)

Just gorgeous! Look how her hair is coming in!

This is Bella's new friend, Leroy! He and others like him are the reason we don't foster Labs. I fell in love in a heartbeat. He fell in love too...more pix further down.

Bella #3 - This one is Lori's favorite.

Libby the Lab and Bella.

Leroy thought that Bella's leash was great fun.

Such a naughty boy!

But oh, so darn cute.

Leroy's mom tried to call him off because he was being a pest. I said no, just leave him, she'll let him know. About ten seconds later, Bella had him on his back and him. This pic was taken about ten seconds after that. He was back about a minute later. Darn puppies.

Here's a little video of Scott bringing Bella into the park. She has a hard time getting out of the car and we usually have to carry her. But you notice that she has a leash on - it didn't take me three hours to get out of the park yesterday. And, and, she even walked out on her own. Usually I have to carry her. Amazing.

Later last night, we rented a couple of movies and moved Bella into the family room with us to watch. She is interested in the TV but not as much as her kennel mate Delilah Gypsy. Kris has some hilarious pics of Gypsy watching TV. Here is a link to Kris's blog.
Bella does amazing when she is on the couch or on or the bed. She is playful and loving and such a sweet dog. We just have to bring her there, one way or another. And, furever family, we are encouraging her to be on the furniture. She deserves that much, wouldn't you agree?
Her housetraining is going well. Hasn't had an accident in probably a week or so. Also have an interesting tidbit to report...She loves people food. Not that we give her a lot but she likes popcorn and other assorted treats and she will take them from your hand without eating your fingers off like some other chocolate lab who lives in my house.

So that's all the news, the latest and greatest. Want to say hi to our new Beardie Friend, Lisa in TX. Your blog is chock full of details that are helping around here. Thank you! Hope your furever family is just around the corner for you too!


Cricket said...

Wow, she is really looking fluffy now! What a lucky girl to be staying with your family.

Judy said...

WOW! She's gorgeous! I'll stop knitting her the scarf I thought she'd need! LOL!!

I didn't think the park was still open. I might have to take Missy Mia for a run.

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

She is doing great Shelly glad the walking before the car ride was a success!