Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dog Park Day II

Just got back from our second day in a row at the dog park - I heard tomorrow is supposed to be nice too - Let's aim for a hat-trick.

Hi to Scott & Kris , Zoe & Lu and all those Schneckendoodle women - Whoo hoo - Hope you have tired dogs too - thanks for coming out!

Bella never ceases to draw attention at the dog park. If we stop moving for even a minute she begins to herd the whole group. The clothesline leash I had was about 20' long and was just getting everybody all tangled up, so Scott cut it. Ok, well, there, that's better, I guess.

We walked a little further and stopped and talked to people. Bella went into herd mode. Again, we were all tangled up. All righty, enough is enough, take it off, baby, take it all off.

Whoo hoo! That's right, took the leash off the dog. Again, she was amazing. Stuck by us except for that one time when she herded that other family and got halfway across the park before we realized. Whoops. But she came back right away when we got close enough.

Sadly, she is still rather a potted plant when she is in the house. She is getting more and more interested in life but still hard to engage. I know she'll get there and days like this go a looong way to help.

I had my hands on her a lot at the park so hopefully we'll be able to carry that over to home.

That's all I have for now. Didn't take the camera today. Would have just been too chaotic.

Hope to see you tomorrow. I'll send a little tweet to let everybody know when.

Thanks for reading! Pass this along and let's find them all homes.


Mark and Judy said...

Hat trick huh? Hmmmmmmmmm... I'll tell my mom.

Was great to meet Miss Bella! I even let her lick me I think you should get her some sheep to work with, I'm sure that would make her very happy!~ and I hear they can be good housepets too! Sure loved all the puppies at the park today and I was so happy it was a warm day.


Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

We did the dog park too and then went to this place called Bong! I didn't like Bong too much, had to say on a leash! We should get together before it snows, we can herd each other! I am so happy for you, isn't it great to be a dog!
Love ya girl!
Your friend and forever pack-mate