Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday - Part I

I love it when good things happen here at the Lodge. Bella has now gone 18 and counting hours without a "whoops" in the house.

This morning she came right to her kennel door when I sat down and I clipped the leash on. Outside we went.

Within seconds she was doin' a number 1. Whoo hoo. Man, I was gettin' tired of cleaning that up.

We walked around in the the pre-dawn morning and by the time we got to the front yard, we had confirmation on #2. I... was.... gettin'.... really (gag).... tired... of (urp) cleaning that up.

The more time we spend outside, the happier she is. We did about three, maybe four laps around the yard. Each time she sniffed something different. The kayak, the tree, the deck, the rope for the rope swing. She stumbled over the bag we put sand toys in and then she sniffed that.

She was prancing around Full Body Shaking and bouncing. She was wagging and wagging and wagging and smiling! Who knew we'd have this much of a turn around in three days.

Clearly she prefers being outside in the dark. Less wierd and scary things to see then. But I'm going to try and get some updated pictures and maybe even a video for you. Cuz' she's not a big fan of the flash.

So that's all for part one for today. Hopefully I can get some pics and show you how beautiful she's become!

See you later!


Cricket said...

Can't wait to see how beautiful she is becoming! Our little foster Sparky may be going home today. We will sure miss him. My husband even said, maybe we should keep this one, you know how easy it is to get attached, but then...we have room for another.

Grade Lodge said...

I saw Sparky's star and your commentary on Nashotah Park. We'll have to meet up there sometime. I am planning on Friday morning. Are you avail?

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

Hay guys where is Nashotah Park....somewhere in mid-Wisconsin??? Have any of you every gone to the Johnson Creek dog park? After my lodger Jessie goes home, maybe we could meet there! It would just be too far of a drive with 4-in-truck!
Bella, I am so happy for you....you are a dog! No more stock. You will see passed all the scary things and you will find that the world can and is a really nice place to be!
Your friends Gypsy, Jake, Mollie, Jessie and the Lady.

Cricket said...

We are open Friday! Let us know what time you will be there. Sparky may be gone but Cricket would enjoy an outing.

Cricket said...

To Fluffy Dogs on the Go, Nashotah dog park opened in September. It is on Hwy C just north of Hwy 16. Has a fenced in area for small dogs and one for large dogs. Nice facilities. Part of the Waukesha County Park System.

Grade Lodge said...

We could meet you at Jefferson sometime tho! Bella may not be ready for a few weeks but sign us uo!

Kathie said...

Way to go Bella. Sounds like baby steps is turning into leaps and bounds!!!! I am so happy for Sparky. It looks like Max and Sparky will both be going home this week..He is meeting his family tonite also. Good week to be a Fluffy Dog.