Monday, October 19, 2009

Today I am a Dog!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

I don't know what motivated me to take her outside but last night when got home from the Movies and dinner for Connor's birthday, I decided I had had enough cleaning up pee in the house. I know, go figure.

So, I scooped her up and took her outside. Well, her nerves kicked in and she laid down and peed. Ok, I wouldn't call it an official pee either but I'll take what I can get at this point. After I let her back in, she walked in by herself, I want you all to know, she made a beeline for Te'a's kennel and hung out there for a while. After which she rocketed up the stairs and promptly pooped at the top of the stairs. Rrrrr.

She found herself a hidey hole in the computer room and hung out there while I checked emails and the like. When I went to bed I left her there and said goodnight. After about an hour, she decided she didn't want to be there anymore and started to cry. Out of bed I climbed and scooped her back up and into her kennel.

This morning when I got up I knew we weren't going for a walk. We went to the dog park yesterday and took Judy's dog, Mia, along. She and Mocha rolled and played and ran and last night poor Mocha was sooooo sore I helped her up the stairs at bedtime.

So I got dressed and came and sat by Bella's kennel. She came out, just her head, on her own. I had to ease her out the rest of the way but once I got her out, I scooped her up and out the door we went. I have seriously had enough of cleaning up dog pee.

She loved it outside. Who doesn't love fall in Wisconsin? She kind of tore around in front of me - zig zagging back and forth and laying down. She came when I asked her to and...and...and...she sniffed out a place and SQUATTED ON HER OWN. But wait there's more - she also wagged like there was no tomorrow. She also shook like she was shaking off a four mile swim. That's right, girl, shake off that old sad life, say hello to the world!!

Every time I bent down to scritch her on the head, she came right up to meet me. After all that, we came back in and the big doggies ate. Bella hung out in her new favorite spot under a different table. When the big doggies were done eating, we went back outside and tried to convince her bowels that they would like to move around a bit. No such luck in that department.

She did roam around up near the house and then we ventured further into the front yard. She was overjoyed. She even tried to jump on me a couple of times but then immediately pushed herself back to the ground and cowered. I didn't let that happen. I went right to her and told her what a good girl she was. She popped back up and bounced around. There, there is that Beardie Bounce, my Fluffy Lovin' Friends. It's almost here.

We walked around the yard for a while more and she's quite good at coming in the house. Though, she prefers to be outside. She again made a beeline for the stairs but I slowed her down there. As I was coaxing her down she wagged her tail the entire time. Hooray! She also let me pull her head into a group dog head hug with Te'a. I know, everybody...1...2...3...Awww.

So now she's back under the dining room table because I scooped her up and carried her over here because she was whining because we were all on this side of the room. She's sniffed my toes a couple of times and ate the treat I gave her.

I'm thinking. If this keeps up, we'll be at the dog park on Friday. Ha - Who am I kidding? This may/will all change tomorrow and I'll be back to posting how there is nothing new to post. But for today, for today, we have this and that's the best we could ask for.

So get yourself outside today, take your dog along if you can and enjoy this beautiful weather before Old Man Winter shows up and spoils all of our jacketless fun.


Mark and Judy said...

That's a good 'today' !

Mia is still sleeping! :-)

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

You go girls you will be a pack yet