Thursday, September 3, 2009

Post Surgical Review

I remember writing a post like this waaaay back when our first foster Jack had this particular procedure. He was pretty uncomfortable and spent the night on our bed.

Our man Kazoot is in a pretty similar predicament. He's uncomfortable but I gave him a half of a pain pill a little while ago and it seems to be helping. I also gave him a pig's ear which seemed to cheer him right up!

Poor guy is pretty sad looking. He's painfully thin but we're working on that. His hair, which had been virtually shaved to his skin is starting to grow out a little bit. I'm hoping that by the time the fluffy white stuff starts to fly he will have a pretty nice fur coat going on and a little fat under his skin to keep him warm. Or at the very least his mom will have knit him a sweater.

Yes, reader, I said "mom". You've probably noticed it there all week...the tiny little "star" behind Kazoot's name that means there is an application in for him. I half-seriously asked Lori if she thought he could go home tomorrow. Not that I'm anxious to have him leave but I thought it would be pretty cool to have adopted out two dogs in one week. Yeah, not so much.

Oh, well, a girl can dream, right?

Til next time!

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Mark and Judy said...

I hope for my namesake's sake, that his furever family comes thorugh for him! He looks like such a sweetie!

Bad for you though if it does happen fast as you will forever be remembered as the nasty lady who cut his %&*($ off !!!


~the secret blog access word is: shellan !