Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Back From the Northwoods with Zooty!

Ahh, Camping...where else could you see a kid ridin' his bike to the bathroom in his Doctor Dentons, with feet, might I add, somebody walkin' dogs in their monkey jamas (um...that was me) and a Standard Poodle wrapped in a blanket cuz' he has no hair and nights got pretty chilly.

We've had this foster about a week and well...got to get him accustomed to family life, right? Our family goes camping. Zoot did great! He rides well in the car and once I figured out that we should probably wrap him up to sleep, he slept well too. He got along well with my niece and nephew and my brother's dog, Jessie. He was a little unsure of how to play with the humans in the group but the dogs he figured out pretty quickly.

I've got nothing but good things to say about this guy. He eats without food guarding issues - HOORAY! He doesn't do his #2 biz on walks. He will go in the yard but if you are walking with him he has to do it on something. Like there was a small shrub in my brother's campsite and he pooped on that and he pooped on the base of a signpost when I walked him late one night. Wierd, to say the least but at least he's pooping.

His hair is growing in beautifully and since he's getting regular meals, and then some, his body is filling out too. Furever family, this is one special dog. Once he trusts that you won't hurt him he is affectionate. I'm pretty sure there is some pain in his past and that will take some time to overcome but it is sooo worth it. He is a joy to have around and when he runs and plays, he prances and holds his head high! Even my brother, who is a lab man, commented on how proud Zooty is - love it!!

Here are just a few of the many shots from this weekend. Every day he came out of his shell a little further - unbelieveable. I do have to say that he is a dog who deserves to be spoiled. Well, all dogs deserve to be spoiled but something about his poodleness, poodle-osity, just screams...pamper me. He does like to be told how handsome he is. And when he came to bed and laid down on the dog blanket (on the dog bed) and I wrapped him up in it, he didn't budge. He didn't shake it off. He just curled in tighter.

(As always, double click to enlarge)

"I am Zoot of the Northwoods. Whar be my sleeping quarters?"
"Do you smell that?? Hot dogs cooking at site...sniff... 47...48... definitely 48."

"Camping is such hard work. I'll just take a little nap."

"Hey baby - Your tent or mine? Call me"

"You comin' out soon? The kids are eatin' all the S'mores."

"C'mon, gimme the stick..."

"I could get used to this camping thing. A little more to the...left...ahh."

"I like camping but I'm ready to go home now."


Mark and Judy said...

Oooooooooo, you zany 'tent-camping' campers! How's the back?

My namesake looks at home in the great outdoors, but yes, I do agree that he also carries his 'urban pooch' look well also. Must be the Kazoot in him!

Grade Lodge said...

lol - yes, just Saturday morning he was asking for Bacon and copious amounts of Potato Salad or was that pasta salad?? I don't speak "poodle".