Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 4-1/2 and 5

Well our boy is certainly coming around. He's gone from not eating in front of people to discovering and needing food round the clock. At this rate he'll be 80 pounds by Sunday.

80 pounds on his frame wouldn't probably be so good. I'm going to feed him lots of little meals instead and maybe he'll be 52 pounds by Sunday.

He is getting along well with everyone at the Lodge - cats, dogs, kids but like I said in a previous post, men aren't his favorite but that too is coming along...slowly.

We've been kenneling him at night because I'm not quite sure I trust his housetraining-ness yet. He does well if we're all out and around but who knows what kind of trouble he'll get into when left to his own super poodle devices.

Something that puzzles me is that someone went to an awful lot of trouble to train this guy. He heels like a dream and gives (sometimes rather exhuberant) kisses on the tops of the kids heads, but he has no clue what toys are. You would think that if someone spoiled a dog that much they would have playthings for him. Maybe the kissing thing was just part of some doggie act.

No matter, we're exposing him to toys here too. The first time we tossed a toy at him, it bonked off his nose. Ah, oops. Last night, I actually had him playing with a tugger toy with me. It was gingerly and it took some convincing but he played. After a short time I let him win and he laid down and chewed on it. Ah, progress.

Each day more of his silly and playful personality comes out. As I type he is playing with our youngest cat, Hawk. Odd looking pair but they seem to be having a good time. The only time I stopped them is when Zooty...ah...tried to...ah... make... puppies? kitties...pitties...kuppies with Hawk. That is soo wrong on soooo many levels.

I leave you to ponder that, reader.

Thanks for reading!

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