Monday, August 31, 2009

Chase Goes Home and Hello to Kazoot!

Well Fluffy Friends, we knew it was coming. Here is the official congratulatory NOOGIE from Grade Lodge in honor of his home-going!

Chase has a new home for his birthday. He is living near the Kettle Moraine Forest with his mom, dad, two boys and two cats. I've already gotten an email from his mom who says that he and one of the cats just kind of look at each other. no time at all they are going to be racing and "Chasing" thru your house! Hope you have a long cord on your vaccuum.

It made me sad to see him go. He is such a good dog but I gotta tell ya, to see the faces on his family when they got out of their car and met him and then after they made the decision to take him home and they all piled into their car - they were so happy.

Before his family came to pick him up the four of us and Kiera went for a walk around the neighborhood. Mocha, Te'a and Chase dragged me around the subdivision while Kazoot (we're gonna go with Zeus - I'm not a big fan of Kazoot) just trotted/pranced regally at my right heel.

He gets along with other dogs but seems to really prefer women over men. He's pretty spooky and nervous around Scott. We'll take our time there.

He has been trained that much is certain. And we've noticed that he's coming around in the food area too. When I first picked him up the girls at LA Groom said that he wouldn't eat in front of them but this morning and tonight, he went all crazy in his food bowl. He inhaled every last kibble.

Here are a couple pix from the walk! Enjoy!!

Our boys!

"What are we sniffing??"

Call me! **WINK!**

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Mark and Judy said...

Not a big fan of 'any' Kazoot? hmph! I resemble that remark...

snerk, snort, guffaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(for others reading, 'kazoot' is a wierd derivation of my maiden name~REALLY!)

Mia's Mommy~ you know the Real Kazoot! I am never going to let this go.....