Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Wally-World

Soooo... I've already confessed my ability to wait patiently. In my restlessness yesterday afternoon I decided that I would go pick up some much needed new lamps for Connor's bedroom and...kind of along the way....I kind of... well I kind of...stopped by LA Grooming in Hartland and picked up Zoot/Kazoot/Zeus.

Then we stopped by Lori to get some dog chow and then we came home to Grade Lodge and met the pack.

All I can tell you Fluffy Readers is that Oh-My-Gosh is he gorgeous!! A little skinny but gorgeous! He's about 45# now and Lori and Lisa, LA Grooming, thought that he could at least put on about 20# and look good.

He's been shaved to pretty much an inch of his life because he was super matted. He's kind of a buff color. His hair is sort of shiny - what do I know I've NEVER had a poodle - has kind of that sheen that Vellux blankets have.

I think he's housetrained but I'm keeping him very close-by me just to keep the stuff off my furniture. He's cool with the cats and good with the kids. We went for a walk this morning to burn off a little energy - four big dogs in the house is pretty energetic and he did great. He heels on the right and now is curled up on a blanket taking a snooze.

He did ok with Mocha and Te'a - nothing bad, just what I expected. Te'a can be a little snooty sometimes. But Chasey....He love, love, loves Chasey....They played and they chewed on each other and bowed and just carried on. He is very sweet and someone trained him to give "kisses" on the tops of the kids heads. All together now...awwww.

He's a great dog. Lori is thinking that he might just be a Standard Poodle. Very handsome even with his butchery haircut. He even prances when he runs. When he grows out he'll be stunning. He's going to be having a little "non-elective" surgery on Thursday. Non-elective because I'm sure that if he would get to choose, he would elect NOT to have it. After that, Furever Friends, he's available to your wonderful home!

Here are some initial pictures...they aren't super good because he was a little skitsy last night. As time passes I'm sure he'll improve!

Oh, if you are wondering about Chase...well reader...can you keep a secret?? Yes? Me too.

Thanks for reading! Please pass this along to all of your Fluffy Lovin' Friends!

Thank you for Reading!


Mark and Judy said...

So when he grows his hair out, he really WILL be a Fluffy Dog?

What a cutie!!~ and no shedding!

Julie Holtan said...
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