Saturday, August 29, 2009

Please Hold....

So here we are in a holding pattern...Knowing that there is a family out there, somewhere, who wants to adopt our doggie and is probably waiting just as anxiously for the home visit as we are...knowing that there is another dog just arrived off the transport from some far away city, scared and waiting...for us to come pick him up and love him 'til his furever family adopts him.

I'm not good at holding. Or waiting. If I were a dog, I would fail sit and STAY. I actually vacuumed at 730 this morning.

Chase is such a wonderful dog. Scott and I were talking and yes, it's going to be very hard to let him go. It'll be kind of tough on him too when the time comes but he'll have his own family.

I was talking to Lori last night and told her about how we visited Chancey (XXOO) at his house in Rhinelander. How happy he was to see us but still understanding that he was home. That's what it's all about boys and girls. That's why we do it.

Fostering and releasing home feeds our souls the way nothing else can. Children are amazing (especially when they decide to cut bread with paring knives and require five stitches to put their finger back together), Church and my family there fill another space in my heart but the dogs... I recently ran into an old friend of mine who read my story on one of the social networks and said that he remembered how crazy I was about my dogs way back when. I was 18 at the time. Funny how some things stick with you.

So, here we sit in this holding pattern. Floors have been vacuumed. Family room picked up. A couple miscellaneous items (ok, a half a dozen) tucked away for Chasey's new family in hopes that he will get to meet them soon. Trying not to cry thinking about him going away but knowing that this is why we do this and knowing that camping with three big dogs wasn't really that hard but yeah, it was.

So, now that the caffeine has hit my blood stream and I really can't sit still any longer, I have to go up and wash the walls and Connor's bedroom so we can paint. A project that sad to say has lasted over 1-1/2 years from start to now. Time to get it done today, but with one ear listening for the phone and one eye keeping an eye on my email.

Furever family if you are reading this, feel free to come meet Chasey today... Do you like to Paint?

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Mark and Judy said...

wow... vacuming at 7:30... wow....

I know you guys are a bit sad today and the weather certainly doesn't help. But as an adoptive doggie mommy, thanks for taking care of the puppies you do so families like us cam have wonderful furry family memebers.


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