Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Got Back...

Just got back from a short camping trip and I have tons of pictures! Chase did awesome camping again. Though, if you had a chance to keep up on his Tweets, you will see that he fell out of bed.

It rained on and off most of the day on Friday. After sitting in the screen tent watching the fire from afar, as it was misty/sprinkly, I decided to head into the camper. After tidying up the disaster that was the inside of the camper, I plugged in the DVD player and watched "A Knight's Tale."

The dogs came in with me and soon Kiera was on the bunk with me. Chase was laying against the outer wall that is only supported to the frame by three bungee cords. I kept a close eye on him as last year, Te'a found herself on the outside of the camper at some ridiculous hour after sleeping against the side.

It didn't take long before Chase was peacefully dreaming about running through the fields when he slid out of the camper through the wall and onto the ground. He was looking a little dazed and confused but otherwise no harm done.

We watched barge move through the locks at Trempeleau on the Mississippi River, had dinner in some little restaurant/bar/hotel and met Karen from Delafield. Wow - Small world! This morning before we left we met some other new friends who were lovin' on Chasey and have yet to experience the fun that is two dogs living in your house. They keep one another occupied while you are at work and they tire each other out when you are not. Turns out these people were from Waukesha!

We had a crazy bad storm this morning at 330am that lasted I think 'til 500am - so I'm a little sleepy. I'll have to go thru my pics so I can put them here for you to see!

Thanks for reading as always! Please pass this along to all your Fluffy Lovin' Friends. Chase's first birthday in coming up fast in six weeks. Friends, can we find him a home before that time? Please?

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