Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Changin' My Black Dog Image

Can a leopard change his spots? Can one little black doggie in a white bandana change how people see black dogs? I sure hope so. Here's my smallish attempt to change how the world sees black doggies, one doggie at a time. (double click to view larger)

Does a black doggie in a White Bandana equal a Cowboy in a White Hat?

Bwana - On Safari in the Wilds of My Front Yard

"I like bugs."

This is how the "puppies" play with Mocha - TAG TEAM

Maybe he's pointer?

And while we're changing things.... It has been brought to my attention that, hold on here, Chase might not be a Border Collie Mix. People have mentioned that he might be a grey hound or some such fast moving doggie mixed with a lab. He runs like the wind a couple times around the yard but then settles down - seriously, settles down is not even the word for it. He's comatose. He has a developing prey drive - My cats are not wild about that but one sharp NO usually helps to quench that. And he's long legged and lean in the rear.
We've asked him. He's not talkin.' He just says that he'd love a furever home before his first birthday on September 15 - Just about a month and a half away. He said he'll just keep on being his sweet and lovey self - which is all anyone can ask.
Want to meet him and judge for yourself what his lineage may be and how well he will fit into your "pack"? Fill out an application and send it in.
See you soon!

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Mark and Judy said...

Love the banana!! He looks so handsome. But why is he doing the "phthththththththth" in the one picture?