Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black Dog Syndrome

So I sit here on this Beautiful sort-of summery day thinking about our last boarder, Chancey and how many times I looked at that dog, that I knew was an amazing, intelligent creature inside all of the chaos and thought, "Man, when is this dog ever going to find a home?"

I was kind of wishing that his furever home would have shown up before he dragged me across the storm door handle, resulting in the permanent "tattoo" I have between my thumb and index finger on my right hand. No, no, no damage done - just cosmetic, thankfully. I think of what patients must wonder when they see the seam ending in a peace sign on the web of my hand when I wipe down the instruments in front of them.

When it first happened I made up an exotic tale but then told them the "real" boring story.

I told them about Chancey and his quest for a home. After seeing him a few weeks ago and meeting his family, I miss him all over again but I know his family was worth the wait. He's got such an amazing family - I'm ready to move in. A lake, a canoe and a six mile run everyday, not to mention somebody makes his meals. It's like having a trainer and a chef - I'm there.

Then thinking back to Jack, our first foster dog. There were a couple applications on him almost right out of the gate but then...poof... nothing. Now he lives in Waukesha County with a great family and he has a brother he can wrestle and carry on with all day long. And, in the words of Bridget, our behaviorist at Fluffy Dog (who has a very distinct Brit accent), "those dogs have their own room."

It's true. He and his brother, Rowdy each have a crate in their own room. Just so we're clear, it's only one room but both dogs are in it. I hope he's spoiled rotten. Just like our pal, Chancey is. And our own lapdogs, Mocha (80#) and Te'a (59.7#) are. that brings me to our buddy Chase. He' been in a foster home since he arrived here in January. Just one month later than our pal, Chancey, but yet here he still is not a permanent resident at anyone's home. Don't get me wrong, I'll keep this guy - he's perfect! He has NO vices - ok, he counter surfs a little and he helps himself to the dirty dishes in the dishwasher but those are fixable. He doesn't run away and he comes when he's called!

In the last Fluffy Dog Newsletter, Chasey's first foster, Lisa, explores the topic of The Black Dog Syndrome. I have to admit, I've heard of it but after spending, oh, 90 seconds with this dog know that he doesn't fall into that category. Granted, I know that and now Fluffy Reader, you know that, but when we are walking this gorgeous, intelligent creature, how do we make the public know that?

He does great at the dog park. He runs around like mad but always comes back to check for me. He is a bit shy if other dogs get too interested in him and he comes back to check for me. We've been to Minooka twice and the second time he was more relaxed than the first but not by much. When things got really bananas, he laid down at my feet and watched the whole procedings from the safety of my Ryka's. Certainly, he's not anything to be afraid of, especially since he's very slight and only weighs 45#. Truth be told, he looks like and will always look like a lab puppy.

If you are interested in reading the great article that Lisa wrote, go here. I agree with Lisa to certain extent but it really doesn't apply in Chase's case.

Furever Family, if you are out there and you are thinking that this little doggie will be more than your family can handle, let me tell you a couple things that I haven't mentioned on this blog yet. If you see his mix (Lab and Border Collie) and think, whoa, that is a high energy dog. Yes and No. He's young - that's where a lot of his energy comes from and if you walk him everyday and play a little ball with him, he'll be just fine. However, if you or your hubby is a runner and you need a buddy to go with, he's your boy.

My 11 year old son helps out a lot with the dogs, mostly he walks them. He is five feet tall and about 100#. He is able to walk all three dogs at a time - Mocha, Te'a and Chase. So if you're concerned that Chase might be too much for you, he probably won't be. In fact, if you're even just curious about meeting him, it costs nothing to fill out an application and come meet the dog.

You'll see what we see. A wonderful, young and super dog. Oh, yeah, and he sheds, just a little, not nearly as much as those two labs we share our home with.

Furever Family, I know that you're out there. Probably gearing up for a few last trips before the dreaded BACK TO SCHOOL. And I also know that you'll be worth the wait.

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Mark and Judy said...

I know his family is out there too. Whoever you are, come and get him, he really is a 'Prince' amongst doggies!

As for black dogs, I have have better luck with my black puppies that I have with my others!

Lisa's article is well written and sadly so true.

Chase needs to have his furever family~ don't blow this! ~ send you application in !!!

Mia's Mom