Sunday, July 19, 2009

Photo-palooza Continues...

I took sooo many photos of our little camping outing that it was hard to choose a few for the blog. But as I have so many, I have enough pics of dogs, kids and fire to fill several postings worth of blogs. So without further adieu... (double click to see enlarged)

Kitty really wanted to come along...
Overcoming fear of water is going swimmingly!

This really needs NO explanation.

Grade Lodge uses Hi-tech training tools like lazers to train the dogs. (ok - It's not a knife - We have leashes and collars that are reflective so when we walk when it's dark, we can be seen.)

For those of you, like me, who have never actually seen a Hodag...

At Chance's House...

Can you see the loon in this picture? The one with the feathers?

You should have seen the guys legs who was towing this camper behind his bike - Unbelieveable!

I got a new camera last year for my birthday. I am still learning how all the functions work. This is the super macro led lens. Cool, huh?

There are still many more photos of Chase and the gang. I'll say it again, he's the perfect dog. He's 43#, smart, housetrained, comes when you call him, stays in the yard, loves kids, loves cats, love men and women, friendly, rides well in the car, emerging swimming, has a soft mouth when you give him a treat, gets along well with other dogs although he is a little shy at first, loves to run and exercise but settles down well, super-sweet, loves "mama-time" on your lap and we're working on trick training. Phew. Oh, and he does shed.
But if you're a first time dog owner with kids (over 6), please consider giving this gorgeous doggie a home. He's got so much to offer your family.
Thank you for thinking rescue!

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Mark and Judy said...

Do I believe you about the camper/bike thing?