Thursday, July 23, 2009

Update for Today

You know, for the people living in California or other places where the weather doesn't change at the flap of a butterfly's wings, the weathermen have it pretty easy. You know, "Gonna be sunny and 80 today and tomorrow and Saturday and pretty much all of next week."

Living with Chase is pretty much like that.

He's a great dog who gets along with EVERYBODY, comes when called, stays in the yard, travels well in the car, doesn't bark excessively (unless encouraged by his housemates), silly, sweet, just an all around great dog. He's not too big - so the kids can handle him without fear of losing him and he's not too small that you would step on him in the kitchen. In fact, when you are making dinner he is usually sitting in the doorway or on the rug by the garage door. So, not underfoot.

He is a super-cuddler and honestly, if you've never had a dog before (get Dog Training for Dummies) or if your kids, who are all over six, have never had a dog before, this is the perfect dog for you and your family.

Ok, so maybe you're out there waiting for "the other shoe" to drop and for me to say something, anything bad about this dog. If I had to say two things, but they are little things, A. He sheds and 2. He needs a toy box.

He is a young dog, not quite a year and still getting big doggie teeth. We have a basket of dog toys which he takes out every night. One by one until my family room looks like a toy minefield. We have beef bones, Nyla bones, Galileo bones, chewy ropes, chewy knots, Cuz's, Kongs and some very small parts of destroyed stuffed toys.

He's also a very smart dog and he likes to stay busy. Hence the need for a toy box. He will also need daily or double daily walks OR another dog to play with or a kid or somebody who loves to run.

So, there you have it - nothing new! Which is a good thing, right?

Thanks for thinking rescue. Please pass this along to all of your doggie lovin' friends and lets find him a home!

Oh, and here's a little video of the dogs on our last camping trip. They were thrilled to be able to run and carry on!

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