Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two Weeks

Frosty Sprecher has been here at The Lodge for two weeks. In that time, he's become housetrained and lost a BUNCH of baby teeth. We've found a bunch of tiny little puppy teeth on the carpet and watched those great big adult teeth come in. 

He's also grown a bit too since he's been here. When he arrived he was significantly smaller than Denali. After two weeks of three meals a day, daily runs at Nature Hill and yesterday, a trip to the dog park AND a trip around Nature Hill with Jim (heart heart heart) and his mom and dad, he's grown into quite the nice young dog. 

I'm not sure how big he is going to be when he finally stops growing but he will be a cutie, to be sure!

I stopped at Oconomowoc Animal Hospital yesterday to pick up Mocha's ashes. I knew it was going to be  hard so I took a little white distraction in with me, of course, under the guise that I would ask my veterinarian friend Dawn what she thought he was based on his looks and his rear dews. She wasnt sure either but she did agree that he was quite cute and Ohhh so soft!

We popped him on the scale to see just how close he and Denali were in weight and he weighed about 26#.  At last check, I think 'Nali was about 36# or so.

Hey, gotta go - Game's back on. 


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