Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Sunday Double Header

Soooo, normally I dont post twice on the same day, let alone twice in the same hour buuuuuut, this is a special case. See with Chianti-Andi going home, it left a Fluffy hole here in the fabric at The Lodge. 

Cameron has been on our website since May 8 of 2014. He's been in Wisconsin about three months. He is one of the most skittish, if not the most skittish of the "Hoarder 30".  Before coming to me, he was living at Tail Waggin' Doggy Daycare (262.369.8252) in Hartland. He was making progress but needed to be in a home. Since a kennel opened up here over the weekend, Scott and I brought him over yesterday. 

We've already had two trips to the dog park - I may try to make a third if it doesnt rain - and he really loves it.

Kiera and I took the pups over after church - you know, before the Packers game (that we won over the Miami Dolphins)

Cameron is still pretty skittish and wont come to me like he does Lisa Brewer and Stephanie Schultz so I kept a leash and a long lead on him the whole time. We did drop it and he kind of followed us a little but  then he wandered off. 

I guess we should hang onto the leash until he gets used to us. 


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