Monday, May 12, 2014

Noogie for Odessa-Chloe

Oh My Dogness. I cant believe how belated this Noogie is. Bad bad foster mom. Little Odessa-Chloe went home almost two weeks ago and it didnt dawn on me until yesterday that I havent given her the official Noogie of all dogs that leave Grade Lodge.

Bad Mama.

I suppose it was because I was lost in thought the night she left and then the next night, we had family in town. The next night, we had run a 5K during the day. And by the next night, I had just forgotten.

I am so sorry Miss Odessa-Chloe.

She has moved to Pewaukee with her mom and dad and two Chinchillas. The chinchillas have promised not to beat her up. JK.

So Congratulations Odessa-Chloe-Indie!! You are a sweet little pooch & hope you are enjoying your new life!!

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