Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello Princeton!

After Albert left things were a little too boring around here. We decided we needed another Lab Combination dog around here to keep it lively. So this afternoon, fresh off the truck from Alabama (where I hear his foster mom cried when he left) is Princeton. 

He's kind of a goofball, hello, he's half Lab, I think that he may be part Schauzer as he looks like a larger edition of my Denali, but I digress. So, in honor of his new life in Wisconsin, a new name. 

Based on the fowl shaped blaze on his chest, meet (Princeton) Goose, the newest member of the pack here at The Lodge. 

Yup, he's flippin' adorable and very wonderful. I'm gonna tell you, dont fool around if you are interested in this dog, he wont be here long. Nope.

Princeton-Goose (red collar) meets Odessa-Chloe (L) and Denali  (pouncing)

Tennis anyone? Yes, please disregard my Christmas Stockings.

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