Thursday, August 1, 2013

A New Friend at The Lodge

Jim is settled into his new house. I've stopped looking for him in the morning when I wake up and Its time for a new foster here at The Lodge. 

I decided that we havent had a "project" dog for a while and the perfect opportunity arose recently.

You may have read a while back about 14 doggies left for two years by their owners to fend for themselves. Oh, no wait, I'm sorry, they didnt fend for themselves, the people came over and fed them once or twice a week. 

That clears that up. 

Ok, so nine of the fourteen came up in early June and a couple more came up a short time later. Our friend Bronte / Kyle ... insert new name here, was in the later group. 

Turns out that he was so sick, he had to have a transfusion. 

He also looks a lot like a Chinese Crested. You know, those little hairless dogs with only a little hair? 

He's very shy and mostly naked but he actually let me hold him on my lap for a bit a little while ago and now he's curled up on the couch on his blankie. 

Within 45 minutes of arriving at The Lodge, Bronte/Kyle/Reno?Pierre?Lukey was tearing up the house with Miss Naughty Alyx. From what I understand, they are roughly the same age. Alyx will be six months old on August 9.  Let's just say, but we dont know for sure, Bronte/Kyle/Luke? will be 10 mos on August 9.

He's being treated for some pretty severe demodectic mange (the good mange) and also kennel cough. The kennel cough is nearly wrapped up and he does have hair growing back in. He'll be even more gorgeous when he has hair. 

Here are some early pictures. They never look good on the first day here. They are usually all wierd and confused. 

After a wild play session with Naughty Alex, and another play session in the car when I went to go pick up Connor's friend from Driver's Ed, both puppies are sacked out on the couch.

Here we are having a meet and greet on the driveway and some random snaps in the house. 

Oh hi, please dont eat me. I dont have any fur.

What kind of crazy is here?

Ooh, too close.

Seriously, if you could just stop with the flashy flashy. I'd really be ok with that. 


Thank you for reading. Thank you for thinking rescue. Shhhhhhhhh

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