Sunday, June 16, 2013

And Hilda Macy gets a Noogie!

Congratulations to Miss Hilda Macy who went to her Furever Home yesterday afternoon! She will have two adorable girls and a mom and dad (also quite adorable) to love on her Forever. I've already received several pictures of Hilda Macy, now just Macy, in her new place and also hanging out at her cousin Abby's house. Abby is a a Black Lab who loves to go hunting with her mom and Macy and Abby's Grandpa. 

I dont think that Macy will be doing any hunting ... well maybe for lost Cheerios or shoes. 

Congrats again to Miss Macy  -  Here's your Noogie from your Family at The Lodge. 

Dear Readers ... did you figure out who the next lodger is yet???  Huh huh didja didja??

Hee hee till next time!

Thank You for Thinking Rescue! Thank You for Reading!

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