Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet the newest Lodger - Hilda!

So I checked the stats of the blog earlier and discovered that a lot of people came back to see who our new "Lodger" was.  There isnt much to say about her except she's really cute and cuddly and not-quite housetrained.

For those of you Labbie fans, meet Miss Hilda; around here she is known as Macy. She's just about 20# of Lab and Terrier fun. 

She's a little leary of the big dogs and this morning when Te'a was barking at the flags in our neighbor's yard, Hilda-Macy came flying up the driveway like she'd been shot. She literally ran into Lucky Jim, remembered that he had "advised" her earlier for touching him, yiped once and ran into the garage. 

Right now she's looking under the dining room table and chairs and playing with whatever stuff she finds under there. I'd really like her to lay down and take a nap but apparently her discovery mission is more interesting than taking a nap. 

Here's a couple of snaps from earlier today. She was enjoying following the big doggies around the yard. 

Oh... sigh.. I'm so darn cute.

Mocha is a little taller ... for now.

Investigating the hostas

There is a tennis ball around here somewhere ...

What is Lucky Jim looking at?


What? did? I? just? eat?

I come when I'm called

Stalking the bugs in the dandelions

Mocha again!

A little fuzzy around the edges

Lucky Jim keeping an eye on things

Hilda-Macy was "dancing" round the dance floor  to Toby Keith.

Ahhhh... Blessed be... finally it sleeps.

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