Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday - Post Number One - A Gift from a Friend

The letter carrier rang the bell early Saturday morning. Scott answered and she handed him a package.

Hey ... It's from our friend Fuzz-Trooper-Cooper. He was a Labradoodle that we had with heartworm - His blog post, with pictures of Cooper, Karma and Lucky (different Lucky not Jim) are here .

Cooper's mom is an awesome lady. She still reads the blog, even tho she has the dog of her dreams (some days its a nightmare - like when he's fishy smelling - yum) but mostly the dog of her dreams. She read that Lucky-Jim and Annie both needed a Thundershirt at the start of their stay at The Lodge. Cooper had one that he didnt use any longer so she kept meaning to sending it to us.

We looked at the return address label. Yup! Its from Cooper!

Hey look - It's for the pups!

Scott's pretty handy with the pocket knife. 

Hey!  There's the Thundershirt on the right side of the picture.

Oh - WoW - Thank you for all of the goodies AND the Thundershirt.
Ok, everybody sit. 

 I took a picture of Mocha getting her treat buuuut, she's a lot camera resistant and I just got the back of her neck. Darn. Ok then... next.

Lucky Jim

Lincoln- Winkleman (and my camera cord - nice)


Here's Mocha ... chewing. See I told you she was camera resistant

They looked like Giant Tootsie Rolls - YUM

There was also a package of doggie cookie cutters with some recipes. Connor the chef  has offerered to make some of the treats for the pups.

To our friend Cooper - WoW  - thank you and your mom and dad for all of the goodies. The pups will certainly enjoy homemade cookies and treats. We'll all enjoy the peace and quiet and calm that a Thundershirt will bring to the next nervous pup at The Lodge!

To Cooper's Mom - Thank You for thinking rescue. Thank you for adopting our boy! XOXO


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Glad the pups enjoyed the treats. Thanks for being a foster mom for so many dogs.

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