Saturday, April 20, 2013

Aaaand The Lodge Welcomes Murphie!

What? You didnt think I could go too long without a second foster, did you?

This is Murphie! She is an owner turn-in from Wisconsin. From what I understand, the reason he gave her up was because his job kept him away from home for long periods during the day and he was doing some travelling. Poor Murphie had to spend a lot of time alone. 

She did get to go to daycare a couple of days a week, so she is a pretty social critter. 

She is so far, very sweet but very very shy when she first meets you. She was pretty terrified of Scott and Connor but Kiera she just ignored.

She is a Labradoodle but heavy on the poodle. She is very very curly and her coat is so so so soft - she feels like a sheep. 

She likes the crew here at The Lodge and as far as I can tell after having her only a couple hours is that she's pretty perfect, but she's got to get past the shyness. 

I took advantage of sunshine and took her outside for a quick photo session.

Look at her quick - she wont be here long


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