Friday, April 19, 2013

A Noogie for Annie!!!

Yup - You guessed it! Annie the Parti-Doodle went home to her new home in Madison today!


From being called a "hyper" dog who was passed around to three different families before landing at the shelter, she is going on to her own home where she will be loved and spoiled and doing what dogs love best - Running!

Her new mom is planning on taking her on lots of walks and as she is a runner, she's planning on working into three mile runs with Annie!

Annie is the perfect dog. She isn't any more or less hyper than any other dog. She just needed exercise and a good grooming.

Best Wishes my Curly Friend!

I cant wait to see pictures of your new life!!


Cricket said...

yeah:)......and a big thanks to her foster family for allowing her to be a "dog" and loving her for who she is! said...

aw shucks. thank you J. XO

Anonymous said...

YEAH! FOR ANNIE......her new family will LOVE her! So happy for her and do such valuable work Shelly! Karen F.

Michelle R. Grade said...

Thank You Karen!!