Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas from Fluffy Dog Rescue

Every year for Christmas, Julie Maslan, Fluffy Dog Rescue's Lead Photographer puts together a video set to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas." She collects all the pictures of all of the dogs who were adopted to their Furever Families over the past year. 

I've always got a couple of dogs in there and it always warms my heart. This year was no different. I saw Logan and Ali and Fiona and Jack and I got a little thrill. I kept the tears on the inside with some difficulty when I saw all of the marvelous dogs that found homes in 2012. 

And then, Karma. Oh man, she was/is such a special dog. They're all special, dont get me wrong. But  Karma ... Karma, Karma, Karma - Something about her touched me.  Karma's picture flashed by on the video and I lost it - utterly, completely - Dang, I was full on crying before 730 this morning.  Ahh, but it was a good cry. 

So here you go. It's 815am as I type this and I've already gone back only once to watch the video and "paws" it on Karma (and my leg). That was on her first day, first minutes in Wisconsin. She was soo scared. She's so much better now and thriving in Chicago. 

Hope you have a Blessed Holiday and a Wonderful New Year. Be grateful for everything you have, share the love, the joy and if you have enough, share what you have. 

If you have a moment, check out the Fluffy Dog Wellness and Rescue Facebook Page, like the page and share it with all of your friends! Thanks!

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Mary Beth said...

Absolutely precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing these happy faces with us!