Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Noogie for Fi

Well, here ya go Wynne-Laurel-Fiona-Penny! At long last you have found your furever home!


Wynne has been in rescue since the end of September 2011. She went home last night with her new mom and dad. When they arrived to meet her last night they brought her pink camo "dress-up" collar and leash. I guess the casual traditional camo collar and leash will be for during the week and the pink one will be for the weekend :D. She has a mom and dad and will have a grandkid to play with and also the grandkids dogs! She wont be lonely.

It seemed pretty quiet around here this morning without her fuzzy little face. I think that Bubbles-Ali was missin' her buddy a little bit. She crawled into bed with me and we had some mama snuggle time with all of the doggies before the alarm went off.

We hit the dog park this afternoon and met up with some friends we see during the week. He asked where all the Lodge Dogs were and I said we were down to just the three!

Soon soon, we may be down to just the one!

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