Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Noogie for Bubbles!

Yes, this is correct. There is no mistake. The Lodge had a record breaking weekend and both of our Lodgers went home the same weekend.

Bubbles-Ali went home on Sunday afternoon. She has a mom and an adorable brother who is half Rottie and half Brittany Spaniel. Friday is his name.  They were both very excited to meet her and are looking forward to many many adventures with Bubbles-Ali.

Her mom doesnt watch TV, doesnt own a computer and loves to be outside. I think its a pretty good fit. She also hunts and fishes so maybe she can put some of Ali's inherent hunting skills to use.


So now, you're probably wondering where all the pictures are of the new guy. Well, we're still working on that and perhaps I'll have some later today or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Mark said...

Congratulations Ali/Bubbles!!! AWESOME!!!

Mark said...

That isn't Mark!!!! It's Meeee!