Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Noogie? Already?

Yes, yes it is a Noogie for Mr. Logan. While not a record for the shortest time spent at The Lodge, it's certainly in the top five.

Logan, now Toby, will be in living in New Berlin with his Mom and Dad and two kids. He also has a big brother named Tucker who is a Golden Retriever.

Congratulation Logan-Toby! We're so happy for you!

On a different note, Wynne-Fiona is here too and we learned something about her today.  At first she was ok with Logan-Toby's new brother, a large male Golden Retriever. As time went on, she became a little more dominant with him, yes, to the point that she had to be removed or there would have been a serious problem. Mmm, that is something we will need to work on.  She's fine with smaller males and all females but males bigger than she is, she has a problem with. Furever Family, if you're out there, this is something to think about if you have another larger male dog.

That being said, she is still the sweetest thing on four legs. She's starting to seek out "mama-time" and wanting to be more cuddly with me. We had a kind of a rough couple weeks with house training as we were all sick with some sort of nasty upper respiratory virus.

She's certainly better than when she first arrived but we need to work a little harder to get back to where we were before everybody got sick.

As the revolving door turns once more, we will be taking in Bubbles, the English Setter. I've been told she's very high energy and she's a good jumper, like over four foot fences. I'm also told that she had been adopted but came back as she was so high energy and it was a bit more than her family was anticipating. If you're looking for young, energetic girl - maybe a running buddy, maybe a bird hunter?, Bubbles-Ali (alley) is your girl.

She is a Setter breed and I'm not sure her pictures show it very well but she will have beautiful, long "feathers" on her belly, legs and tail. This will require grooming/brushing, either by you or a professional. I'm not sure if she's a swimmer but with the weather as nice as it is, we'll probably find out soon. I can tell you that Wynne-Fiona is not a big fan of the water.

The dog park was closed due to squishy the other day (what? its a word).  So we went to Nature Hill for a walk. After the walk, Mocha and Tea', dove into Rosenow Creek and had I not had Mr. Lo-Rider Logan-Toby on a leash he'd have been in there with them. Though of course he would have had to paddle as he has little short-guy legs.  Wynne-Fiona was NOT a big fan of the water and stayed on the banks of creek; watching the crazy Labradors cavort in the water. She couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. Nope, not a swimmer, just an all around good pal.

I'm hoping to get more info on the blog here for everyone about the dogs here at The Lodge. Between being sick myself and trying to get my book, A Foster's Tail, ready for printing, it's taken a lot of my time and energy. I'm mostly healed, except for my ears are a little crackly but that's tolerable. I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me "proof" copies so that I can check it over for mistakes. But if you'd really like, check out the Kindle version, if you have one. Its available at

Wait, the mailman just arrived. He's brought a box from Illinois. That's all I'm saying. Tune in tomorrow for more.

Thank you for thinking rescue. Thank you for reading.

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