Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Squishy at the Dog Park

If you live here in southeastern Wisconsin, you know that the weather hasnt been exactly typical for this time of year.  Yesterday it was nearly 60 degrees in the afternoon.  Nice.

Not nice for the dog park.  It got all melty and slippery and very very wet. 

Dogs gotta have exercise.  I gotta have exercise.  What to do? 

I guess, just gotta walk the dogs the old fashioned way. You know, on a leash, around the block.

Here are some things I discovered.

1. the dogs still get quite damp even just walking on the street.
2. Te'a really needs the gentle leader when she walks.  Fuzz-Trooper is a close second.
3. Harley-Teddy, the Chinese Crested who lived here for a bit this summer, who moved in with my neighbor, Meg, still remembers me.

Ok, I'm not promising you Ansel Adams quality photos here.  I was just knocking around the neighborhood.    Oh, and yes, Fuzz-Trooper does have an application.  Yes, he more than likely will be going home this weekend.  YaY!! 

On to the pictures!!

First Te'a and Wilma-Karmajane

Here he is - Teddy-Pippen!  He's sooo cute!!!

That's his brother's tail - Sammy

Still walking with Te'a and Wilma-Karmajane

Ah, yes. Fuzz-Trooper-Cooper and Mocha.  He needs a lot of leash work.  I'm using the gentle leader tomorrow.  Between him and Te'a my left arm is gonna be sore.

All right, thanks for reading.  I know this was kind of a lame post. 

For those of you wondering about the book. "A Foster's Tail" is presently at the editor's and she told me I'd have it back by Feb. 10.  I'm hoping it will be released as an ebook for your kindles by March 1.  I'll keep you posted!!!

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Judy said...

nice dog butts! Hey what about those of us who do not have those new fangled e-ppliances? Huh? What about us?