Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wilma - KarmaJane Goes to the Office

I know, I know, three blog posts in two days.  I think that may be a new record, even for me.  But I had to share with you the shots I took yesteday when I took WK to "my office." 

I knew there would probably be some nerves around but as long as I was there, I figured she would be ok.  She met my co-workers, both female, both of them pet her.  Kristin was able to scratch her cheekies and her chin. Ok, granted the dog was glued to my leg but, it was ok.

It was my turn to let the dogs out. (Just in case you were wondering who let the dogs out, it was me.) I left WK in Kristin's charge and began opening kennels.  After most of the dogs had been let out, Kristin started shouting my name.  "Hey Shelly- Your dog is pretty freaked out.  You may want to come and calm her down a minute."

When I got over there, WK's eyes were as big as saucers.  Whoo.  We talked a bit and I told her it was ok.  I finished letting the dogs out and we went into the play-yard.    At first, she was pretty unnerved.  But we walked around for a while and she settled right down.  She even made a few friends.

It's funny.  The dog who is most obnoxious at The Lodge, was showing her teeth at the guy who was most like her.  In the end, she and Baby Jack had a pretty good time together and Wilma - Karma even laid down for a while and watched the world go by. 

Oh, and if you're a long time reader, I gave you a bonus pic of a former Lodger.  Do you remember him?

Enjoy!  Double Click to Enjoy Larger!

Curly whispering sweet nothings into WK's ear.

WK and Baby Jack - an 11 month old German Shephard

Baby Jack in the pool. It was mostly dry.  Except for the rain that kept appearing and then stopping.  Weird.

Ooh, that looks interesting - I never knew it took two people to cut a Great Dane's nails.

Oh - That's just not right.  I saw you pop that little guy.  Meanie.

Hello?  Is this thing on??


Do you remember this little guy??  I'll bet you do.  He was living here at The Lodge about a year ago.  Went home the end of last October.  If you said, Axel, you'd be right!!

Thanks for reading!  Thanks for thinking rescue!

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