Monday, August 15, 2011

Growing is Hard Work...

Ask any kid, or maybe you remember being a kid.  Growing up is hard.  Growing pains are uncomfortable.  You are tired.  Dog Tired.

Sometimes you even fall asleep on your plate.

Will has been growing by leaps and bounds and probably weighs about eighty pounds now.  If you've the chance to see him in action at the dog park, you know what a lovable goof he is.  He is still rather uncoordinated but loves the thrill of the chase... in the water bucket.  (He is trustworthy in the house uncrated.  I was gone for four hours on a birthday present mission and he chewed nothing.  He also left no messes for me to clean up!  Hooray)

He has some great buddies at the dog park and his favorite girl at the park is Sally the Weim.  After the dog park, he needs lunch and then a nap. 

As you can see from the pix, he's usually a pretty tired guy by the time we get back and he needs some support to do even the simplest things, like eating and sleeping.

He likes to sit and eat.  And for some strange reason, he needs a corner to sleep on.  Yes, on.  Well, a picture is worth a thousand words... Just scroll down.  (And double click to enjoy larger)

Those are the best pix I've gotten lately of Will. He's structurally bigger and probably weighs more at this point than my chocolate lab, Mocha and she's about 80#.  He's starting to grow into those big feet of his.  So darn cute.  I wish I could keep him!  His coat is also losing the tan color and some of the hairs along his back are turning black along with his outer tail hairs.  Weird.  He does still have his white socks with tan freckles.  Everyone at the dogpark comments on those. 

I've got some more on my phone but I'm not quite sure how to get those off yet.  That may be a project for tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading.

Thank you for thinking rescue.

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