Friday, July 22, 2011

He's a WHAT??!!

Today I am posting two blogs.  The first is about our boy Will and the second, see below is about a little (doggie) girl named Janie, who we drove to Minneapolis for cataract surgery.

But first I give you:

Will judges the Swimming Competition!
(double click to enjoy better)

First a warm-up swim for Te'a

Judges aren't allowed to get wet.  Well, maybe just their toenails.

Here come the competitors

Watching them closely...

And it's Mocha by a ... (ready?)... nose

Everybody gets a dunking - Te'a is a bit of a sore loser - phhhht

Another part of the story that Will would like you to hear is his rather interesting heritage.  We all know that he's part Great Pyrenees - You can see that in his double rear dews.  He's also part Rottweiler.  You can see that in his ... er bum.  But the part you can't see is that he's part Yorkshire Terrier.


When Will came to the Rescue, he was the second pup in his litter to come to WI.  His sister Kate arrived a couple of weeks earlier.  The woman who adopted Kate, Sarah, did one of those DNA tests to see what her breed is.  Turns out, they are part Pure Rottweiler and part Great Pyrenees and Yorkshire Terrier.  No, we don't know any specifics on that last part but the mind is curious about a lot of things.  Yes, so, I figured it out last night and they are officially:  Rott-PYR-kies

(Thanks Sarah!!  We're all looking forward to pictures of li'l Miss Katie!!)

So there you go.  Regardless of what his size is going to be, he is the sweetest boy and despite his size, 65# at five months, he is the most wonderful puppy you could ask for.  Yes, he is in fact, Foster Failure Material.

Thanks for reading.  Please come back later and scroll down to see the pictures of Janie's adventure to Minneapolis!

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A Friend said...

I really hope he is your foster failure, you need a Rotprykie in your life...who wouldn't and he will make you a wonderful don't have one of those!
Kris & Crew