Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Weekend!

What a completely beautiful weekend! As I'm still not sure as to the openness/closedness of the local dog park, I've been walking the dogs on marathon treks.  This is helping in more ways that I can count. 

First, their nails are getting worn down which is, as always, very nice because black nails are impossible to trim.  Secondly, everybody's getting exercise - the dogs, me, Kiera - we're all getting exercise.  Third, Carlos is getting more and more socialized.  Everywhere we go and everybody we bump into says he's such a cute little boy.  He's getting better about not barking at strangers but he's not yet a big fan of bicycles.  He needs to learn that bikes are ok.  But on the whole, I'd have to agree, he is quite adorable.  How is it that Foster Failure is spelled?

Seriously, yesterday afternoon Kiera and I took the dogs on a our usual two mile trek and when we completed most of that she said, no, let's go around the lake.  So, tack on three more miles.  The puppers were quite tired.

The big doggies went swimming.  I wanted to see what Carlos would do in the water so I picked him up and set him in the very shallow water.  No-thank-you-very-much and he neatly hopped right back out again.

Ok, so he's not a water dog.

He's very cuddly.  Last night when I went to bed, he was laying in the opened sheets in my spot.  I slid him over, crawled into bed and pulled the covers up.  I think he laid there in the sheets for a good hour before he got too hot and crawled out.  I guess I probably shouldn't be spoiling him too much, I'll really wreck him for his furever family when they come for him sometime.

Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and drove down to Grant Park in South Milwaukee.  I'm not saying he was wild about Lake Michigan like the two big doggies were but I think he had a good time.  He came home, ate some dinner and jumped on a blanket on the couch and went to sleep.  Nothing like a good pre-bed nap.

He's really come a long way since those first cold days when he arrived here at The Lodge.  He doesn't chase the cats and comes back when he's called.  Yes, we keep a rope on, juuuust in case he gets a wild hair.  It makes it infinitely easier to get him back.

Thankfully, he's been incredibly awesome about coming back and I've had no need to chase him through in the underbrush in say, a hot pink T-shirt at 630am.  Yup, he came right back to me and into the house.  Hello good doggie!

Pictures to follow soon.  Time to get the Grade Lodge campers cleaned up and thinking about back to school Monday!  Whee!!

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Judy said...

He's doing so well! :-)