Monday, March 7, 2011


So here we are at the start of the fifth week with five dogs in the house.  Now, granted, two are littler but one wasn't housetrained and the other wanted to eat the cats and be in charge of all the boy dogs in the house.  Things get a little nutty around here to say the very least.

But here I am gazing off into my week and seeing a couple of applications, a home visit and a bunch of trips to the dog park. 

Each day brings these five dogs closer and closer to a rather motley pack, but a pack none-the-less.

I've had dogs my entire life and figured that fostering would be a good thing to do given my dog knowledge, but you know, I've learned a lot compared to what I've brought to the table.

Having five dogs in the house, during some of the coldest months of the year, has really tested my knowledge.  If they were kids, we could do puzzles or play X-Box, but they're not and they need to get out and run.

We've spent a lot of time running through the backyard when it was just too cold to go to the dog park.  We've spent a lot of time at the dog park learning how to get along with everyone, not just our housemates, which is just as, if not more, important. 

I'm sure there is more that everyone has learned but here are some of the pearls this pack has learned.

Carter - Learned how to sit when asked, how to navigate the laminate floors and not get freaked out (mostly), learned that steps are tricky and does best travelling on them when the lights are on.  He's still not big into the steps and I'm not sure how he'll do when he moves along to his furever home.  He learned how to tell time and that we, the doggies, eat at 6:15am (or thereabouts) and 5:00pm (on the nose).

Kringle/Carlos - Learned that eating cats and the pursuit thereof, will result in a time out in the kennel.  And that cats actually smell pretty good if you're not chasing them.  Learned that growling at another boy dog from a human's lap will result in landing on the floor with a thud.  Learned that being part of a pack is phenomenal.  It's fun to run, play, wrestle and bark at your canine cousins.  Learned that even if there was one scary mean man in your life, not all men are scary and mean.  (Scott and Kiera are his favorite people).  Little girls are wonderful because they talk to you in soft squeaky voices and give the best hugs. He already knew how to go potty outside!

Sid - Learned how to go potty outside.  Is there anything else??  Of course.  He learned that there are better things for a young puppy boy to eat than shoes.  Learned that chewing on mama is not allowed (Carter learned that too).  Learned that now that he is growing up into a handsome boy dog his puppy-ish naughty ways will not be tolerated by the rest of the dog-pack and they will inform you of such with no holds barred. Siddy learned how to sit, sooner than Carter who is older, if you can figure that out.

Everybody learned it but everybody needs reinforcement daily, that it's good to come when mama calls and you probably shouldn't leave the yard.

Thanks for reading about our Grade Lodge Boys.  I have a feeling that I will be saying goodbye to one of my boys in the not too distant future.  That's ok, there's always more.


Anonymous said...

You do such a wonderful thing for all those people that want to adopt and also for the best creatures in the world, helpless doggies. For that I thank you. You are a very special Angel.
So who are the lucky ones with applications?

Grade Lodge said...

;) - uh-unh, gonna have to wait and see...

Fluffy Dogs On The Go said...

Great post, great job, great woman

Anonymous said...

I do not see Carter's picture the last couple of days? Is he gone?

Grade Lodge said...

Patience, Grasshopper, patience.