Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow Day... for the Doggies

On Tuesday we were treated to one more beautiful snowfall.  The snowflakes were big and fluffy and it wasn't too cold outside.  In fact it was kind of warm.  All of the doggies piled into the car and we were off to the dog park for one last snowy romp before The Grade Lodge Five became Four.  (double click to enjoy larger pix)

The dogs always get a little nutty when it snows and after they ate breakfast, they tore around the backyard like a bunch of silly fools.  I'm soo happy that they get along in one big happy pack.

Mouth is Awake.  Look out world.
Come on.  Let's go already!
Catch me if you can!
I'm soo sweet!
Ok, next.
Catch ME if you can!
Ooh, is that Olivia?  I love Olivia!
The boys of Grade Lodge
So pretty.  The sun is barely there and Carter is runnin' like the wind!
Come on, mama.  Let's go!
Love it when the trees look like they're frosted.
Olivia, Carlos and Carter!  Carlos is such a gentleman - he wants to shake paws.  Or his feet are cold.
Anti-gravity collar not working so good in the snow.
Elh, that snowflake tasted funny.
Carlos and Gabby - His BFF
Poor Te'a couldn't find a ball so she actually had to play with the other doggies.
Elh, I just swallowed a funny tasting snowflake.  Wierd.
Carlos and Gabby.  The dog park has been the best place for Kringle-Carlos.  His socialization skills have increased 100 times.  He is friendly and energetic.  He loves to run and play with the other dogs, and not just the girls.  His BFF above all others is Gabby. Also, he is much, much much improved with men and not barking at them.  Hooray!
I'm not sure where they are running to but they are all runnin!
Those were some big snowflakes.
Really big snowflakes.
Carlos and Woody - Yes, Woody is a boy dog.  Yes, Carlos is enjoying playing with him.  The change in this dog has been phenomenal.  I daresay, eek, I'm really starting to like him.  We had a tough time at first but he and I have forged a better understanding of each other and he's kind of growing on me. 
Dang, those snowflakes are BIG.  I'm soaked.
I'm having a blast!! 
I've had a blast but can we go home nao?
Soaking.Wet. (yes, I cranked the heat in the car so everybody would dry out a little bit)
Finding a good spot to nap.
Found a spot to nap.  Carlos loves the warm laundry. 
The Grade Lodge Five.
Kringle - Carlos.

Yes, friends, the days of the Grade Lodge Five are coming to an end.  Carter will be going home tonight.  He's such a wonderful boy.  This one, like the last three labs, also had potential for foster failure, but for some reason, he has been more so than the other two.  I'll tell you more tomorrow after he goes home.

There may be some activity around our other boys too but you'll have to come back!

Thanks for reading and thinking rescue.  If you can't adopt, would you consider fostering??  Let me know...

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