Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carter - Foster #16

There are presently three foster dogs living at Grade Lodge.  If you are looking for Kringle-Carlos or Sid, please scroll down.  Thanks!

By now you've read Carter's bio on Petfinder and have discovered that he is the perfect dog.  Less than a year old, he is well behaved in the house, housetrained, loves kids and is sweet beyond compare.    You've read that he survived a devasting bout with Demodectic Mange AND Sarcoptic Mange.  Both of which resulted in great patches of hair loss and miserably itchy skin.  He was running wild in rural MO with one of our previous fosters, who has since gone on to her Furever Home in Fort Atkinson, WI.  Her new mom is spoiling her rotten, which is what she deserves because she too had double mange.  However, she was a seven pound mix breed and she was virtually naked.  Her hair has grown back in fuzzy and adorable, just like Carter's. 

Furever Family, I know that you are out there.  Wondering if now is the right time for your family to adopt a dog.  Ick.  Who wants to housetrain a puppy in five foot tall snow drifts?  Who wants to walk a dog in sub-zero temps?  Tell you what, here's the deal with Carter.  He's already housetrained.  Needs to go out once or twice in the morning and a couple times in the afternoon.  If you work and he'll be alone for no more than 6-7 hours, he's ok.  Leave the radio on for him, give him a "baby" and he's good.  He's trustworthy alone not to destroy stuff if he gets a short walk, but a longer walk is better.  I don't crate him at night or when I leave.  At night, he sleeps on his bed on the floor next to mine.  While I'm gone, he's gated in the family room with the other big doggies.

As for the sub-zero walking, yeah, that's probably a good idea.  Burn off some of the energy but I promise that he'll settle down nicely in the house after a quick romp around the backyard.

I've got a couple of pix. With three dogs, its' tricky to get "good one's" of everybody but here ya go!

I am soo sweet!

I am robot dog.  Take me to the dog park.
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