Thursday, November 11, 2010

Retriever Update!!

We've been going to the dog park every day this week and as most of you know, Te'a is pretty obsessed with the ball.  Mocha could care less, if you're wondering. 

Today, Cesar brought the ball back for me!! 

Before today, he would chase the ball with Te'a but not bring it back.

Today, he chased the ball AND brought it back.

Also, we've made some pretty significant strides in the "sit" department.  That is, he will sit on command, mostly.  We've been making him sit to get his leash on to go outside and also to get a treat.  It isn't perfect yet but, he's better than he was.

He also likes to lay in the crates.  I think somebody may have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to him at some point because sometimes he lays in his crate.  Sometimes he lays in Mocha's crate and others, he's in Te'a's. 

Furever family, we have yet to ruin him and teach him to sit on furniture so... so far so good in that department.

Well, that's all the news I have and in case you're wondering... yes, he still likes to chase cars.  We haven't walked on the street for a while but he likes to bark at the cars as we're driving to the dog park.  He also likes to bark when we get off of Hwy. 16 and turn onto Hwy. C to the dog park.

He'd also really like to play with Mocha and Te'a.  Mocha has kind of been playing with him and Te'a, not so much.  He's made some friends at the dog park, Kiera the Husky, is one.  Mostly he likes to run and play.

Thanks again for reading!

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He is just too should keep him!